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the national Zamboni racing association is a national association geared toward supporting and honoring all the hard working men and women involved in the delivery of fast efficient ice-cleaning services for ice rinks across america. This association provides a place to honor and recognize the elite zamboni drivers of our era. This is the TOP GUN of the Zamboni racing industry.....only the best of the best need apply.....

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A puck is a hard rubber disc that hockey players strike when they can’t hit one another.

— Jimmy Cannon —

ZB Cup Standings for the 2014/2015 Season

Racer's NameLocationBest NZRA Sanctioned Race Time Date
DJ Chacon Boulder Valley Ice 6:49 Nov. 3rd 2014
DJ Chacon Boulder Valley Ice 6:56 Dec 14 2014
Alex Crowell Boulder Valley Ice 7:01 Dec. 14 2014
Cameron Goeken Hyland Blue 7:02 Oct. 25th 2014
Pat BruceNoCo Ice Center7:12 Oct. 4th  2014
Corey Schmidt Hyland Red 7:15 Nov. 29th 2014
Cameron Goeken Hyland Red 7:22 Nov.28th 2014
John Dudyca Edge Ice Center 7:54 Nov. 21 2014
Corey Schmidt Hyhland Hills Red 8:05 Nov. 26th 2014
Mike Mullen YMCA Lafayette (Carlson Arena) 8:31 Nov. 28th 2014
Unknown Howelson Ice Arena 8:36 (Olympic Ice) Nov. 8th 2014
Racer X Highland Green 8:58 Nov. 26th 2014
AVS GAME Pepsi Center 4:18 (Dual Zamboni's) Dec. 9 2014
Sara/DaveDU Magness Arena 6:02(Dual Zamboni's) Oct 11 2014
Sara/DaveDU Joy Burns Arena6:28 (Dual Zamboni's) Oct. 11 2014

Competition Rules

Zamboni race rules and regulations:

  • • Participants will post their estimated time of competition (this is defined as the time the auger is lowered to the ice to the time the rear wheels leave the ice surface)
  • .• Winning time will be closest to the actual time.
  • • NZRA officials will time the competition. The method of time shall be an iPhone.
  • • Once the official time is posted, NZRA officials will notify the winner of the event.
  • • In the rare event of a tie, the winner will be decided by coin toss
  • • If the Zamboni is ever not able to make it onto the ice surface for any reason, the participant with the lowest estimate wins that round
  • • If the Zamboni is unable to finish an event due to breakdown or any other unforeseen circumstance, the participant with the highest estimate will win that round
  • • A five (5) second penalty will be assessed for each missed patch of ice
  • • In the event two Zambonis are used to clean the ice, the official time will be tracked, but not included in the standings for the coveted ZB Cup.  Only single drivers times will qualify.

(Optional) Wagering:

• Bets will be placed ($2 for 1 guess and $5 for 3 guesses) prior to Zamboni entering the ice surface

• A second additional $1 add-on bet may be made and a second time guess added in the event of a dual Zamboni race

• Winner takes 50% of the pot collected for each game, and the remaining 50% will be donated for general team use  to the youth hockey team(s) sanctioning the event.


I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.

— Rodney Dangerfield —


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A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.

— Wayne Gretzky —


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